5 Tips to Speed Up Wisdom Teeth Extraction Recovery

Wisdom teeth extraction can be a painful procedure that requires a fair amount of recovery time. Extraction is often necessary when wisdom teeth become impacted within a person’s mouth. Extracting the wisdom teeth allows for more room within the mouth which can reduce pain or swelling that may come from having wisdom teeth. The recovery time for wisdom teeth extraction is often no longer than a week; however, this can pose complications for people who are eager to get back to their daily lives. Find out more in this article as we go over a few tips to speed up the recovery process after wisdom teeth extraction.

5 tips to speed up wisdom teeth extraction recovery

1. Take it easy

One of the most important tips to follow during recovery is just to take it easy. Most people are eager to get back to work or their daily lives, but it is imperative to rest and recover. No matter where an open wound is within the body, it is crucial that it heals and simple rest and relaxation can help to speed this up.

2. Avoid eating anything hard

Another simple tip to abide by during recovery is to avoid eating food that may be hard to chew. Although the front teeth are likely free of pain, the force and pressure exerted when chewing can be detrimental to the healing wound. It is best to stick with soft food or even a liquid diet during the first few days of recovery. Doing so will definitely help the wound to heal faster.

3. Make use of ice

A tedious but straightforward tip to follow when attempting to speed up recovery times after wisdom teeth extraction is to use ice a lot! Ice helps bring down any swelling as well as reduce pain. While constant ice can harm the mouth, it is best to apply a pack or cold compress in short time slots. Ice will help the wound to feel and look better which will promote a speedy recovery.

4. Keep your mouth clean

After wisdom teeth extraction, it can feel scary to clean the mouth, but this is crucial. It is vital to continue brushing the teeth gently and to swish with salt water. Keeping the entire mouth clean will ensure that the wound stays clean and healthy. A clean and healthy wound will avoid infections which likely means a quicker recovery.

5. Avoid smoking

Smokers may actually do damage to their wisdom teeth extraction wounds if they smoke during the recovery process. It is best that no smoking takes place immediately after extraction. Avoiding smoking will speed up the recovery process because inhaling smoke increases the recovery time.

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