An amalgam filling is made of silver and is utilized to repair teeth that are compromised by large amounts of decay, cracks and fractures. The procedure that will place an amalgam filling is the same as a filling that utilizes other materials like composites (white and tooth colored,) the difference being that they are generally used for back teeth due to the fact that they do not need to be as aesthetically pleasing. Many dentists will feel that amalgam fillings are stronger than composite fillings.

Amalgam fillings are very durable and will last for many years with proper care, however they may need to be replaced in the future.

Amalgam fillings are used for:

  • Broken and cracked teeth.
  • Teeth with decay.
  • Worn teeth.

Amalgam fillings involve the following:

Amalgam fillings are generally a single visit procedure. The dentist will numb the tooth then remove the decay or damage before placing the new silver filling and shaping it for proper bite and function. If the decay is near a nerve, there may be an added anesthetic that is used.
Sensitivity to hot and cold is common after new silver fillings are placed, and subsides after the tooth becomes acclimated with the filling.
The general lifespan of a silver filling is many years, and they have proven to be very durable. Proper care and maintenance will extend the life of your new fillings. Your dentist will explain how to properly care for silver fillings after your procedure is complete.