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Frequently Asked Questions About Fluoride

What is fluoridated water?

Fluoridated water is water in which the fluoride level has been adjusted by the government to match that which is ideal to prevent tooth decay. Upwards of three-quarters of all Americans who live in a home that makes use of the public water supply receives fluoridated water.

Does fluoride benefit children, adults or both?

Fluoride benefits people of all ages. Tooth decay is an issue from childhood until the golden years. Nearly everyone gets a cavity at some point. Fluoride really can bolster the dental health of people of all ages. Seniors especially benefit from the consumption of fluoride as it helps reduce decay along the exposed root surface of the teeth.

Does fluoride make a big difference in protecting teeth against tooth decay?

Yes. Previous studies and analyses of studies show fluoridated water decreases tooth decay by more than 25%. Studies show fluoridated water reduces the number of decayed teeth and subsequent filings. Countless studies show areas with fluoridated water have fewer fillings, rates of tooth decay, extractions, root canals, and other dental procedures than regions lacking fluoridated water.

Do filters remove fluoride from water?

It is possible for some filters to remove fluoride from water. In some cases, filters are intentionally designed this way. Some conspiracy theorists believe fluoridated water causes biological problems like brain impairment.

What other items aside from tap water have fluoride?

Fluoride is comprised of fluorine, a perfectly natural component in many items ranging from vegetables to fruits, nuts, and more. There is an unhealthy version of fluorine in rat poisons and fertilizers.

Why was fluoride added to the water to start with?

The addition of fluoride to the tap water was a decision made by the federal government. The aim was to improve oral health, reduce the money spent on dental care and ultimately make life much more enjoyable for hardworking Americans.

Is there a fluoride concentration level that is unhealthy?

Yes. Water with a fluoride concentration level of more than 5 mg/L is harmful to the tooth structure as well as overarching health. Manufacturing plants where aluminum, steel, and glass are made tend to produce elevated levels of fluoride that has the potential to pose a public threat.

Is it still necessary to add fluoride to tap water?

Yes. If you could fast forward several decades into the future, you would likely find there will still be fluoride in the water. Fluoride is a powerful weapon in the fight against tooth decay. Keep in mind more than 100 million Americans do not have dental insurance. The presence of fluoride in the water is an affordable and effective means of preserving tooth health and reducing dental bills across the board. Even some of the water you buy in bottles from the store has fluoride to help protect your teeth and ultimately mitigate dental costs.
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