High Acid Food and Drink That are Harmful to Your Teeth
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Sugar, carbohydrates and starch are not the only problems in tasty treats, acid is also a major issue. Highly acidic foods and beverages wear away at the tooth enamel, spurring tooth decay, cavities and other dental problems. You can do your part to minimize the damage between meals by limiting your consumption of highly acidic foods and beverages. Here are the uber-acidic foods and beverages to avoid.

Mind citrus consumption

Consistent exposure to acidic foods and beverages will erode enamel and make the teeth that much more vulnerable to decay as time progresses. Citrus fruits and drinks are especially acidic. Though there are health benefits to citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and limes, the truth is acidic citrus can damage your mouth. If you are insistent on indulging in citrus, rinse out your mouth with water afterward.

Sports drinks are terrible for teeth

Just about every sports drink is highly acidic and subsequently horrible for teeth. Even though some no-sugar varieties of sports drinks are popping up, nearly every variety is still acidic. So do not be fooled by the alleged abundance of electrolytes in these drinks. Take a close look at the label before gulping down any sports drink. When in doubt, do the teeth a favor and opt for water.

Beware of coffee

Though it seems like everyone is in love with coffee, the unfortunate truth about this popular drink is it is egregiously acidic. The acidic quality of coffee is a direct threat to your teeth. If you absolutely have to have your coffee, do not add sugar or other sweeteners. Use a straw so the coffee does not contact your teeth. Rinse the mouth with water after finishing the coffee.

Eliminate soda

Soda is more acidic than most beverages. Try to consume less soda, wean off it by gradually transitioning to water with a slice/squirt of lemon or lime; otherwise, the soda will gradually sabotage your teeth. Plaque and bacteria rely on the sugar from tasty drinks to generate additional acids that attack the tooth enamel. This is precisely why the majority of sweet and carbonated beverages like soda are so detrimental to the teeth.

If you insist on drinking soda, wash out your mouth with water immediately after. It will also help to swish with a fluoride mouthwash. Such a rinse will reduce the extent of dental erosion. Mix in some sugar-free gum as well. This gum will boost saliva flow that is necessary to clean the teeth and neutralize harmful acids. 

Try cutting out these foods and beverages to reduce the acid exposure on your teeth and keep the enamel healthy!

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