Oral Health Checklist
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Oral Health Checklist

Your smile and oral health hinge on your willingness to take care of your mouth. You might not know exactly what you should be doing on a daily basis to protect and prolong the lifespan of your teeth and gums. Floss and brush your teeth with regularity and you will stand a much better chance of having a beautiful and healthy smile. Flossing and brushing are only one part of the oral health puzzle. An extensive daily mouth cleaning extends beyond necessary flossing and brushing. Here is a look at what should be on every daily oral health checklist.

Floss, Rinse and Brush in That Order

Incorporate a thorough rinse with mouthwash into your daily oral hygiene routine between brushing and flossing. Use mouthwash that is anti-bacterial and anti-cavity. Rinse with your mouthwash in the morning and evening. When rinsing, swish around the mouthwash for at least a full 30 seconds.

Floss With Care

Floss slowly and precisely. Move the floss down into the gum line of each tooth. Pluck out all the food particles and other gunk, clean between and around each tooth. Use a distinct piece of the floss for each area to avoid contamination.

Brush Strategically

Merely gliding the toothbrush over the teeth will not suffice for your daily brushing. Move the toothpaste along the front, back and top of your teeth in small circles. Brush your tongue, the inside of your cheeks, the roof of your mouth and so on to ensure a comprehensive oral clean.

Boost Your Oral Health by Leaving Toothpaste in Your Mouth

Think back to the time you spent in the grocery store examining the many different types of toothpaste. If you are like most people, you are concerned with more than just price. All of those nifty benefits provided by the toothpaste will not have a chance to work their magic unless they are allowed to remain on the teeth for an extended period. Be sure to leave the toothpaste on your teeth rather than rinse it off with water or mouthwash after each brushing session.

Clean and Freshen up Your Toothbrush Each Day

Rinse off your toothbrush after you brush. Make sure the brush is upright and permitted to air dry before the next session. Store the toothbrush far away from others, so you do not run the risk of cross-contamination. Do not place a cover over the brush head as doing so can promote the growth of mold, yeast, and bacteria.

If you feel as though your toothbrush is no longer fresh, do not hesitate to toss it in the trash. In general, toothbrushes should be replaced every couple of months. However, cleaning and freshening up your toothbrush should be a daily event. Keep your toothbrush in optimal shape, and your cleaning sessions will prove that much more effective.

If you have more questions or concerns, please reach out to our office and let us help you wade through any questions or confusions.

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