What to Eat After Getting Dental Implants
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One of the benefits of dental implants is the ability to eat a normal diet the same way that you would with natural teeth. However, there are certain food changes that are necessary for the first few weeks after a dental implants procedure.

Foods to eat with dental implants

It is important to know exactly what foods are best to eat and what foods are off-limits after getting dental implants. Choosing the wrong foods after implants placement can cause irritation to the affected area and might increase the risk of an oral health concern.

Dairy products

Dairy products such as eggs, cheese and yogurt require little chewing and are good for oral health, which makes them a perfect food choice for patients who are adjusting to life with dental implants. When a salad is not enough and you need a filling meal, choosing foods such as eggs can be a great way to eat something that is delicious, while not doing anything to irritate the gums or cause damage to the new dental implants.

Cooked vegetables

Vegetables are great for general health, but harder vegetables can cause irritation, as they often require a great deal of chewing. Instead, it is best to either choose soft vegetables or try cooking harder vegetables down to make them easier to bite and chew. For example, chop up carrots and steam them before eating. Other options, such as steamed broccoli and squash, work also well.

Soft fruits

The same concept applies to fruits: It is better to choose softer fruits, rather than a harder option such as a whole pear. Instead, try to chop up fruits when possible and choose fruit options that are easy to consume, which might include berries, applesauce, sliced bananas and peaches. That said, citrus fruits are not always the best for overall oral health, so be sure to keep your teeth clean by brushing after eating fruits that are high in citrus.

Foods to avoid

Ideally, it is best to avoid all hard foods until a full recovery is made from dental implant surgery. Of course, doing so might require a certain amount of creativity, and changes such as substituting a baked potato with mashed potatoes might be necessary. Other foods to avoid might include hard or sticky candies, tough meats and apples. It is also important to avoid chewing on ice or on a pen, as it may cause damage to the artificial teeth over time.

Visit a cosmetic dentist about dental implants

The first step toward getting dental implants is to schedule a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. Here at our office, we can walk you through each step of the process and ensure that you are able to make responsible decisions when it comes to your diet during the adjustment period. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to give us a call and schedule a time to come in.

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