Benefits of Pain-Free Dentistry

Anyone who feels shivers down their spine when it is time to visit the dentist can benefit from pain-free dentistry. The days when those with low pain tolerances had to come up with excuses to avoid the dental clinic are over. There are now a variety of inexpensive solutions for anyone dealing with dental anxiety or those with a low tolerance for pain.

Some dentists use numbing agents to take away the pain of getting an injection, which leads to a pain-free procedure, since an anesthetic is applied afterward.

Let's take a closer look at how pain-free dentistry can change the way a person thinks about the dental office:

1. Relationships with dentists improve

When a patient is given a painless alternative, it naturally puts the person at ease. That can help improve the patient's relationship with the dentist, since it shows that the oral professional is concerned about the patient's comfort level.

It makes the patient more likely to follow up on future appointments and gives the dentist an opportunity to absorb the patient's feedback and implement it into future practices.

For many dental procedures, getting a shot of anesthetic is usually the scariest part for patients. That, by itself, causes many people to avoid going to the dentist. Once the patient is aware of the pain-free alternative, they will be more likely to take dental appointments seriously, since there is no longer anything to be afraid of.

2. Patients are more likely to accept treatments

When a patient is no longer scared of getting dental work done, they are more likely to accept recommendations made by a dentist instead of blowing them off. It is impossible to overstate how much of a barrier pain is when it comes to people receiving dental treatments.

According to the American Dental Association, about 30 to 40 million people avoid going to the dentist because of an intense fear of needles. People who feel this way are less likely to get dental work that can benefit their overall health, like root canals and implants.

Once a patient experiences pain-free dentistry, this fear becomes a thing of the past. The person is likely to look forward to future treatments, since dental issues have likely built up due to the many missed visits.

3. There are many options when it comes to pain-free dentistry

Getting pain-free dental work goes much further than simply getting an injection without experiencing any pain. There are also a variety of options when it comes to keeping patients relaxed during procedures.

One of the most common ones is nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas. This fast-acting gas is delivered to patients with a mask, and it relaxes and calms the person. The dentist can adjust the flow of nitrous oxide depending on how anxious the patient is. The gas wears off within minutes when it is no longer being delivered, so patients are free to drive home afterward.

Sedatives like valium and IVs are also used in sedation dentistry.

Have a fear of pain or dentists? Schedule a consultation with one of our specialists and explore your options.

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