5 Tips to Care for New Dentures

Posted on: May 30, 2019

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When you have lost some or all of your teeth, dentures can act as a good solution for restoring your smile. There are many reasons why you might have lost your teeth, such as poor oral hygiene, or trauma to the face, but this is perfectly normal. Many other people are dealing with the same situation. It is fortunate that in the modern day, you have several options available for missing teeth. Getting dentures is one of those options for fixing any missing teeth, improving your smile and helping with any damaged teeth. Whether you choose to have permanent, removable or partial dentures, you can have a smile that is whole once more.

Keep dentures in good condition

Once a patient receives dentures or whether they have had them for a while, it is important to know the type of care and maintenance involved with this specific type of dental appliance. Dentures may require realignment, tightening or reshaping over time. These are common issues that may happen as the dentures age. There are ways that patients can care for the dentures to make them long-lasting. Here are five tips for denture care.

Keep dentures wet

It is important to keep dentures soaked in water when not in use. If dentures are not kept wet, then this can lead to them drying out. Dry dentures can cause more problems later on.

Practice dental hygiene

It is important that patients with dentures continue to brush the gums and tongue the same way the person would do while brushing natural teeth. This is an important part of anyone’s oral hygiene habits.

Clean dentures regularly

Patients should regularly clean the dentures with a solution. A dentist can recommend a few types to use. If dentures are not properly cleaned, leftover residue and food deposits remain on them, which can lead to bacteria forming on them. By using a soaking cleanser, a person can ensure that the dentures are clean and that the smell of them is nice.

Handle dentures carefully

Dentures should be handled carefully because of the fragile nature of the dental restoration. Patients should try not to drop them or warp them with rough handling. By treating the dentures properly, patients can keep them longer.

Schedule checkups

A patient should see a dentist for regular checkups with the dentures. Ideally, a person with dentures should see a dentist at least once per year. Sometimes a dentist will recommend that a person come in more regularly. Additionally, if there is a problem with the dentures before the regular checkup, it is a good idea to see a dentist as soon as possible to fix the problem.

Caring for dentures takes responsibility

Dentists can keep you on track with your dental needs and health, but in the end, caring for your dentures is your own responsibility. Having frequent appointments with a dentist can give you an idea of the condition of your dentures and how much longer you can use them. It is your job to make sure the dentures are working properly, though. So, if you feel any discomfort or have other issues, schedule an appointment so that the dentist can inspect the dentures for any problems.

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