5 Ways to a Better Smile

Posted on: October 19, 2018

Improve Your Smile

Having imperfections in your smile can be bothersome. It could be a cracked or chipped tooth, space between the teeth or one or more discolored teeth. All these flaws can be corrected, and you can once again have a beautiful and appealing smile.

Below are ways a dentist can help you achieve a better smile.

Teeth whitening

Living with stained, yellowish or discolored teeth does not have to be an option. The unpleasant appearance of the teeth can affect pride, lessen confidence and create awkward situations in social gatherings. The dentist can perform teeth whitening on a discolored tooth in a single dental appointment, giving you a beautiful white smile instantly.

Teeth whitening can be done using bleaching materials, dental lasers or other specified procedures.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are the perfect dental health solution for reshaping the tooth back to its natural form. This restoration is usually performed on injured, discolored or chipped teeth. The procedure is simple and straightforward and can be accomplished by any dental professional.

A dental veneer is a thin sheet of porcelain placed over the tooth to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Veneers are generally preferred to bonding because they are more durable and last longer.

Dental implants

If you are missing a tooth, you will find this restoration particularly helpful. Dental implants are used to replace the root of the missing tooth to make crown placement possible. The implant is a tiny post made from titanium.

The insertion is a surgical procedure and starts with the dentist or oral surgeon analyzing and examining the structure of the jaw. If the jaw is in a good state, the metal post can be inserted into the gum space of the missing tooth.

Afterward, a false tooth will be prepared for placement on the implant. After placing the crown, the dentist will try to shape and color the tooth to look similar to the existing teeth. The result is a durable, consistent and aesthetically appealing dental restoration that feels, functions and looks like the natural teeth.


Patients whose tooth has cracked or chipped will find dental crowns an excellent restoration option. Placing a dental crown on the tooth improves the appearance and strength of the tooth. After placing the crown, the tooth will be less susceptible to breakage.

Also, covering the apparent tooth impairment makes the smile even more attractive. Covering the tooth enamel also serves as a shield against the invasion of bacteria into the teeth, which will consequently reduce the risk of nerve infection.

Teeth straightening with Invisalign

Dealing with crooked teeth? Invisalign is the best alternative to traditional braces and several other orthodontic devices. Invisalign is a transparent tooth aligner that stays invisible from other people. These aligners are one of the best dental restoration devices for straightening crooked or misaligned teeth.

What is the bottom line?

Getting a better smile is not a challenging endeavor. A dentist is in the best position to enlighten you on the best route to take towards getting the beautiful and appealing smile that you deserve.

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