A Veneers Dentist Will Help Your Teeth Look Beautiful

Posted on: February 16, 2019

When it comes to someone wanting to have amazing looking teeth, dental veneers can help them obtain that goal. Sometimes it may seem like there are not as many options, or that the teeth look too bad to be repaired. However, because of the dental veneer technology that has come in recent years, now is one of the best times to have the procedure done.

A veneers dentist can help you understand how dental veneers can change every aspect of the look of your teeth. After having them installed, the wearer is left with a bright white smile that they will be proud to show off!

A dental veneers dentist will ensure the teeth are ready

When someone is looking at getting dental veneers, they typically have one or more teeth that are not in the best shape. The teeth could be worn down, chipped or broken. However, if specific issues are present, then a person cannot have the veneers installed until those have been fixed.

Typically this includes things such as if there is a cavity, or if a crack is below the gum line. If this occurs, dental veneers will not fix the issue, only cover it. Since a cavity can progress and cause more issues, it is crucial for the person's dental health that they have whatever problem they may be experiencing fixed and then have the veneers placed.

How dental veneers are placed

After it has been discussed that dental veneers are a good option for a person to regain having a beautiful bright white smile. Once the possibility of dental veneers has been decided upon, the patient will have their teeth prepared for the bonding of the veneers onto the teeth.

The dentist will shave off around ½ millimeter of the enamel on the teeth. This is done to ensure the veneers are placed and form into the other teeth are there does not look like any device is on the teeth. By doing this, the bonding treatment can be done extremely quickly.

Bonding the veneer

The dental bonding is done to place the veneer on the teeth. The bonding agent will be spread on the teeth and veneer, and then the dentist will put the veneer on the teeth. After the veneer has been placed, a light will be used to cement the bonding and veneer to the teeth. This process does not take long, and after it is completed the patient will have the fantastic looking teeth they have wanted.

Have more dental veneer questions?

If you have additional questions about dental veneers and how they work, contact us today, and we can help you in making the best choice for your teeth. We know getting beautiful teeth can be confusing sometimes, but it does not have to be! If you have not already had a consultation, we can schedule you to have that completed in the coming days. Give us a call!

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