Dental Restoration Aftercare

Posted on: May 21, 2018

Dental restoration procedures can help you regain the smile that you lost. Your improved smile will give you a confidence boost since you no longer have to worry about what others think about the way your teeth look. The condition of your teeth is one of the first things people notice about you. Healthy teeth make you appear younger and more attractive, while badly damaged or stained teeth make you appear less attractive and older.

Fortunately, there is a dental restoration procedure for pretty much any dental condition you can think of. Once your teeth are restored by your dentist, it is up to you to take proper care of them.


Here is a look at a few dental restoration aftercare procedures:

1. Fillings

Fillings are dental composites that fill holes in your teeth known as cavities. Fillings improve the integrity of the tooth and ward off tooth decay.

So: After getting new fillings, it is important to:

  • Avoid chewing on hard foods like hard candy or ice

  • You're free to eat as soon as the numbness wears off

  • It's normal to be sensitive to hot and cold foods for a few days

  • Your gums may be sore for a few days

  • Proper oral hygiene is necessary to prolong the lifespan of the filling

2. Root canals

Root canals address cases of tooth decay where the decay has reached the pulp and the nerves inside. Root canals are a straightforward procedure that often involves the use of a crown to protect the repaired tooth.

And…After getting a root canal:

  • The area around the tooth repaired may be sore for a couple of days

  • Consult your dentist if the soreness lasts more than a few days

  • A temporary crown may be used to protect the tooth while you wait for the permanent one

  • Antibiotics may be prescribed if the tooth is infected

  • Try not to chew or bite directly with the treated tooth until a permanent crown is installed

  • Your dentist probably won't prescribe any painkillers

  • Your dentist might want you to schedule a follow-up appointment

3. Veneers

A veneer is a thin shell that covers the front of a tooth. It hides any imperfections on the tooth behind it and looks just like your natural teeth. It is a great way to immediately restore your smile.

Or…After getting veneers installed:

  • Avoid bad habits like grinding your teeth or chewing on hard things

  • Maintain good oral hygiene

  • Get regular checkups

  • Use a mouthguard when playing sports

4. Extractions

Tooth extractions are necessary for several reasons including to treat teeth with damaged structures or an infection. There are two types of extractions commonly performed: simple and surgical. A simple extraction is when the tooth is above the gumline and requires professional removal, while a surgical extraction requires the cutting of gum or bone tissue.

Also….After an extraction:

  • Place a piece of gauze on the opening and bite down on it for 30 minutes

  • Eat only soft foods for the first 24 hours after surgery

  • Do not brush or use mouthwash for a few days, use salt water to rinse your mouth instead

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