Do Implant Crowns Ever Fall Out?

Posted on: May 2, 2019

If you want to know if implant crowns ever fall out, the answer is yes. However, they do not just fall off while you are taking a nap and jogging around the neighborhood. implant crowns only fall out if you bite too hard on hard foods, suffer a hard fall or engage in bad habits like ice chewing and nail biting. If you have an implant crown, you need to be wary of what you put inside your mouth, since they are not made from materials that last forever.

What to know about implant crowns

If you suddenly find yourself in this situation, you may attempt to solve the issue yourself, but this is not advisable unless you are a qualified cosmetic dentist. Before you receive dental care, you need to try to clean and disinfect the crown that fell off. If you wait too long before restoring the crown, you give bacteria in your mouth the chance to replicate on the crown, rendering the implant crown completely unusable. This means you have to spend more money on another restoration.

If the implant crown falls off, the dentist will have to bond the crown to the abutment again. If you wait too long and the dentist has to create another crown, you will have to go through the initial process over again. The cost varies and is determined by the type of material that was used to create the crown originally, the type of porcelain and your cosmetic dentist. Ideally, you should choose a professional and experienced cosmetic dentist to ensure the durability of the crown and aesthetic appeal of your smile.

Why prompt action is important after the implant crown falls off

If you try to connect the implant crown to the abutment yourself, you may suffer complications in the future and may even cause additional damage to the crown. You will be jeopardizing the tooth and your oral health. Contact the dental office of a qualified dentist to restore your smile back to form.

Potential complications include:

  • Expensive root canal treatment
  • Permanent death of the tooth
  • Infection
  • Jaw and tooth pain

You need to understand that the implant crown stays in place due to the mechanical retention created by the dentist and not adhesion. Ensure you discuss with the cosmetic dentist to know the proper fit and tightness of the implant crown, as that may enlighten you more.

Final note

The failure of the implant is not good for the patient and dentist. The dentist must immediately determine the cause of the failure to figure out what repair measure must be taken; this could be a simple or complicated process. If the screw in a screw-retained abutment or crown is loose, then it should be treated as a dental emergency. Delaying treatment could cause damages to the screw, the abutment or even the implant. It could also cause pain, gum irritation and infection. Sometimes, the cause of implant crown fallout could be a simple situation of incompatible parts, insufficient initial torque, micro gaps, micro movement or breakage of the implant itself.

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