When is a Bone Graft Needed in Dentistry?

Posted on: June 2, 2019

Bone grafts are available for dental patients who are in need of bone repair and/or rebuilding of their bone. When someone does not have a sufficient amount of bone to undergo any dental procedures that they need to improve their dental health, then their next step is looking into bone grafting options. The most common reason why a patient is in need of bone grafting is because they have lost one or more of their teeth. This means that the jawbone is no longer being stimulated by those tooth’s roots, making it so that the jawbone will begin to slowly yet surely shrink.

Common reasons why a bone graft is needed

According to the American Dental Association, bone grafts are used to provide structural stability and linkage. They also stimulate osteogenesis and bone healing in fractures. The following is a list of some of the more common reasons why bone grafts are necessary within the field of dentistry.

Periodontal disease

When periodontal disease is not treated in a timely manner, it will eventually cause one’s bone to disintegrate. This disintegration will eventually lead to tooth loss, which is to be avoided at all costs as losing teeth is detrimental to one’s good oral health.


Those who have been diagnosed with bruxism, which means that they grind and/or clench their teeth often, will eventually cause so much wear and tear on their teeth that it jeopardizes the bone health of those teeth.

Knocked out tooth

A knocked out tooth is a form of dental trauma and may require a bone graft when a lot of damage has been done to the area. Most knocked out teeth accidents occur due to some type of injury or falling down.

Losing a tooth

As soon as someone loses one of their teeth, they can expect to experience up to 25 percent of bone loss in the area where the tooth was in the first year. If the missing tooth problem is not addressed in a timely manner, the bone loss will continue. Once this bone is lost, it is lost forever and this is the reason why a bone grafting procedure may need to be performed.

To support dental implants

Dental patients who have lost a tooth and are interested in using dental implants as their tooth replacement option will often need to first undergo a bone grafting procedure. Implants need a sufficient amount of bone to connect to in order for them to work properly.

Is a bone grafting procedure in your near future?

Think you just may need a bone graft before undergoing any necessary dental procedures to improve your overall oral health? The only way that you can know for sure is by making a consultation appointment for a full mouth evaluation. As you can see by the above information, there are a few different reasons why someone would need to undergo a bone grafting procedure. The need for a bone graft will depend on any pre-existing conditions as well as your current state of oral health.

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