It is extremely important to take care of your child’s baby teeth. Doing so will ensure that healthy permanent teeth come in. When a child learns the importance of proper oral care from a young age, it follows them throughout the rest of their life.

One way to reinforce good dental health for your child, is to keep low-sugar snacks around the home. This will help to encourage them to eat these foods which will be healthy for them and their teeth.

Baby teeth still require regular flossing and brushing daily. We recommend that your child uses a soft bristled brush and children’s flossers so that it does not hurt their teeth and gums. Fluoride is known to reduce cavities in your child’s baby teeth. Your child will have additional cavity protection if they take a supplement.

We understand that a child may be overwhelmed when they visit the dentist, which is why we take extra special care to make their visit stress free and fun. Our aim is to help you keep your child’s teeth healthy for years to come.

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