Complications From Not Having Wisdom Tooth Removal as a Teenager

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Wisdom tooth removal is common, especially among patients in their late teens or early 20s. However, when people wait too long for the surgery or neglect it altogether, there can be serious health concerns. If you still have your wisdom teeth, an oral surgeon can verify whether you should have them removed.

The process

Wisdom tooth removal may begin with a recommendation from a dentist during a routine examination. The dentist will refer the patient to an oral surgeon who then takes X-rays of the person’s mouth and reviews their health history. At the appointment, the oral surgeon will choose the appropriate means to prevent the patient from feeling pain during surgery. This may be local anesthesia, general anesthesia or IV sedation. If the teeth have emerged, the process will not be as intensive. However, if the teeth have not come through, the doctor will need to cut into the gums or bone to reach and extract the teeth.


Not everyone will need wisdom tooth removal, but many people do not have a large enough mouth to fit this third set of molars. In these situations, if the teeth come in and the person does not have oral surgery to remove them, overcrowding can occur. This can cause the teeth to become crooked. A worse scenario would be that the teeth could be stuck below the gums in the bone, which can cause intense pain. This also increases the chances of the person getting an infection.

Difficult to reach

If the wisdom teeth do emerge and find room to grow in straight, there could still be issues. Because these teeth are so far in the back of the jaw, people have difficulty adequately brushing them. This could lead to severe decay and gum disease, resulting in possible tooth loss.

Sideways growth

Wisdom teeth often emerge at strange angles, causing them to come in sideways. Cosmetically, this would not present the same concerns as other teeth since this third set of molars is out of sight. However, this could cause bite dysfunctions and have a negative impact on surrounding teeth. When wisdom teeth grow horizontally rather than vertically, it can cause intense pain.

Difficult recovery from wisdom tooth removal

Recovering from wisdom tooth removal is not an easy process. There can be pain, soreness and irritation for several days or more after the surgery. It is difficult to swallow and eat, and the person may not be able to resume normal activities as quickly as they would like. People who wait until after their teenage years to have the procedure often experience an even more challenging recovery.

Sooner than later

It is important for you to consult your dentist and oral surgeon about your wisdom teeth. Though not everyone requires this surgery, it is common. If there is not enough room in your mouth for these teeth, or if the molars are not breaking through correctly, you should schedule an appointment to get wisdom teeth removal. This will help you avoid bigger problems down the road.

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