At Portola Dental Group, we are pleased to be your choice of dentist. We know you have many options as far as a dentist office in Palm Desert, and we strive to be the first choice of both existing and new patients. We know what we need to do to earn your business, and we promise to go above and beyond any other dental office in the area to make you feel comfortable, provide you with convenience, and give you the best medical care available. Here is what we promise to you:

  1. Our staff is made up of highly trained professionals who are well versed in the latest dental techniques and procedures. We will utilize the latest and most cutting edge technologies in order to provide you with the outcome you desire, whether it is a simple exam and cleaning or the most complex restoration or cosmetic procedure. Our dentists on staff have decades of experience, and will always use the safest techniques that provide the best results and the smallest amount of discomfort, even when it comes to the costs! We use several systems that specifically reduce costs and discomfort at the same time, like the CEREC system that allows us to create your implants and prosthetics in-house. This will reduce the amount of visits that are necessary for larger procedures, as well as eliminating the need for temporary fittings that increase costs. We know that we have to earn your trust on every visit, and our dental staff makes sure we do everything in our power to do exactly that.
  2. Our technicians and dental hygienists are highly trained and thorough. In order to work in our office, each hygienist has to have earned the trust of our lead dentists. We know that your visit is going to involve more staff members than just the dentist who is performing the big procedures, so we make sure that each and every person who is going to provide you with a service does so to the level of expertise as any of our dentists. Your exam and cleaning will be conducted by dental professionals who meet our high standards of excellence.
  3. Our front end staff is courteous and thorough, with an attention to detail. We know that your experience begins with the first contact that you have with a member of our staff at the front desk or on the phone. For this reason, we employ only the finest front-end staff that have a knowledge of dentistry and dental procedures as well. They aren’t dentists themselves, but they know enough about the field to make sure you are in good hands from the moment you call. We strive to provide you with all of the information possible, and make sure that you are well taken care of on your appointment day.
  4. Our office is clean, professional and uses the latest dental technology. Portola Dental Group prides itself in keeping up with the latest and best procedures available that will give you the smile that you want and the healthy mouth that you need to lead a happy and healthy life. Your oral health is our primary concern, and we make sure that we are up on the latest advancements in the dental field that can help us to help you.

Stop by our office and talk to our staff. Ask to have a look around and meet our dentists. We want to earn your business as a patient, and we want to keep you healthy and happy. Most of all, tell your friends about your experiences at Portola Dental Group. We want to spread the word to all of Palm Desert, as well as all of the neighboring communities that we are here to serve you.