Empress dental ceramics have been utilized by dentists for more than 20 years to create whiter, brighter and more natural looking smiles. Empress is a manufacturer of dental veneers, crowns, onlays, inlays and bridges, and the products have been instrumental in thousands of smile restorations nationwide. Empress restorations are totally metal-free, and are constructed from inorganic material which is baked and cured at high temperatures.

Why should you request Empress restoration products?

Empress is an industry leader dedicated to the continual process of refining their products to look as natural as possible, while also remaining as strong and durable as possible. A traditional ceramic restoration is far more brittle than Empress due to their heat-pressed glass ceramic technique, and traditional restorations are far more expensive to repair if they are damaged. Empress ceramics are known for shrinkage of leucite crystals and compressive stress created during the vitreous stage, preventing breaking and cracking. The unique veneer glaze increases the strength levels by more than 50% over traditionals, meaning that the average Empress restoration lasts far longer than a traditional one.

Advantages of Empress:

  • Biocompatible.
  • No other dentition effect.
  • Easy applications.
  • High polish.
  • Translucency levels.
  • Metal-free.
  • Natural-looking.
  • More teeth shades.

What restorations can use Empress?

  • Veneers – These veneers are extremely thin and fit over existing teeth. Can be used for smile beautification processes of all types.
  • Crowns – No metal edges and are used to improve chewing capabilities and also beautification in cases of extreme damage and decay.
  • Inlays/Onlays – Usually used to replace traditional fillings and provide a more natural look.
  • Bridges – Easily replace missing teeth with Empress bridges which contain no metal.

Ask your dentist about Empress products.