Portola Dental Group is now offering “laser dentistry” services to our patients. This process utilizes a device called EPIC from Biolase to treat several different dental issues that were difficult to treat in the past (ulcers, herpetic lesions, frenectomies, bacteria reduction, TMJ and Periodontal Disease) as well as being an effective method of teeth whitening. The EPIC system allows the dentist to control a targeted laser which is applied to various areas depending on the treatment necessary, in order to remove diseased tissue or create therapeutic heat pulses. Best of all, the process is affordable and pain free.

Periodontal Disease: Better known as “gum disease,” this condition is a bacterial infection that spreads in the pockets between the teeth and gums. It is a national problem in the United States, and effects upwards of 80% of the adults in our population. In response to this growing epidemic, Portola Dental Group has included a response to the problem which does not only remove the effects of the disease (normal cleanings which remove bacteria and dead tissue) but also provides treatment of it. Through use of the EPIC laser system, the inflammation and bleeding of the gums is able to be treated and reduced through targeted light beams which penetrate the gum tissue to promote healing. This allows the dentist to perform “gum recontouring” in which the visual gum tissues are re-shaped and reduced in order to present a more pleasing smile, gum growths can be removed, speech can be improved and pain from sores in the mouth can be relieved. Trough use of the EPIC system, the traumas associated with traditional treatments for gum disease are drastically reduced. There is generally only the need for a topical anesthetic, the recovery time is shorter and in many cases there is no need for pain medications during the healing process.

TMJ: Temporomandibular Disorder is a stiffness in the joint connecting the jaw to the skull, generally as a result of trauma or teeth grinding, which causes ongoing severe pain for millions of people in the United States. The typical treatments involved therapies, injections, night-guards and anti-inflammatory drugs. The EPIC laser system reduces the pain associated with TMJ by allowing your dentist to perform several treatments to the jaw and surrounding areas with targeted heat. This treatment increases blood circulation and relaxes muscles, allowing most patients to experience relief from ringing in the ears, pain, clicking jaws, swelling of the face and headaches. The treatments generally take only 10 minutes or so per area, and require about 5 or 6 sessions.

Teeth Whitening: The EPIC laser system is an effective way to whiten your smile multiple shades, increasing your self confidence and giving you the bright and healthy smile you have been longing for. Most people in today’s society experience some level of teeth staining due to dark liquids and certain foods in our daily diets, along with age, smoking and many other elements that turn your teeth progressively yellow over time. Through an application of a hydrogen peroxide gel and a short treatment with the EPIC laser, your teeth can be restored to their original luster, if not made whiter than you have ever dreamed. The process is completely pain free, affordable and requires no healing time.