LUMINEERS are considered an industry standard as far as creating beautiful smiles with minimal restructuring of your existing teeth. The ultra-thin surfaces are fit to your existing teeth, and adhered permanently to the surfaces creating an instant beautiful smile.

LUMINEERS are applied over the existing teeth in only two visits. They are superior to traditional dental veneers and can be left in place for upwards of 20 years. They can also be removed in order to expose the existing teeth if desired.

LUMINEERS are a perfect cosmetic dental solution for:

  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Misaligned teeth.
  • Misshapen teeth.
  • Stained teeth.
  • Uneven gums and teeth.
  • Unnatural looking bridges and crowns.

Can LUMINEERS benefit you?

LUMINEERS do not create odd speech, and are perfect for patients who do not want to go through the pain and process of aligning teeth or having extensive cosmetic corrections.

Advantages of LUMINEERS:

  • They can last more than 20 years.
  • No need for drilling of inner tooth.
  • No injections.
  • No pain or discomfort.
  • Only two dental visits required.
  • Option to place multiple LUMINEERS at the same time.
  • Perfect teeth immediately.
  • Thin-ness of a contact lens.
  • A reversible treatment.

How strong are LUMINEERS?

LUMINEERS are made from Cerinate porcelain, which is one of the strongest dental materials. They are less likely to chip or break than even traditional veneers. The porcelain can also be color corrected and balanced to achieve the desired level of whiteness.

How are LUMINEERS applied?

Very little etching or scaling is performed with this product. Unlike traditional veneers which need a large amount of tooth surface to be etched in order to be properly adhered, this product is prepared before hand and is completed in as little as two visits.

An initial exam takes place, providing bite impressions and x-rays. Additionally, any signs of decay or disease is corrected previous to application. The desired level of whiteness is finalized between the dentist and the patient, and the bite impressions are sent to the laboratory to be custom-crafted.

The LUMINEERS are bonded to the teeth during the second appointment. Any excess bonding material is carefully removed using a beveled feather edge margin. The dentist then polishes them until they are completely smooth. The advantage of this smoothness is that bacteria and staining agents cannot easily adhere to the surface of the LUMINEERS.

The LUMINEERS are then completely separated. Up until this point, they are still attached where the bite impressions suggest teeth would naturally join. The treatment is finished, leaving a beautiful white smile, and perfect, healthy teeth.

If you have questions about LUMINEERS, please ask your Portola Dental Group dentist.