Questions to Ask at Your Dental Implants Consultation Palm Desert, CA

At Portola Dental Group, we provide dental implants as a permanent solution to tooth loss that can restore both the appearance and function of our patients' smiles. If you have lost a tooth due to an accident, infection, or age, we encourage you to call (760) 201-4085 and schedule an appointment with our dental office. We will be happy to answer any questions that you have after completing an examination and taking X-rays. Here are some questions you should ask so that you can become comfortable with the procedure and be confident in the dentist that you have chosen to work with.

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Palm Desert Questions to Ask at Your Dental Implants Consultation

Video Question: Robert asks "I'm thinking about getting a dental implant. What questions should I ask my doctor?"

Summary: Interested to see if dental implants are the right choice for you? With the ability to restore functionality and appearance, dental implants are the natural-looking solution for replacing any missing teeth. In our video above, we go over questions to help you determine that.

What type of experience do you have to make the process go smoothly?

Whenever you visit a dentist for a major restorative procedure, you should ask about their experience both educationally and clinically. It is important to work with a dentist that performs the implant procedure on a regular basis since this will increase the likelihood of the procedure going smoothly.

Do you complete the entire process in-house or do you work with an oral surgeon?

Each dentist office has a different process. Some will perform the entire procedure, including the placing of the implant and attaching the crown in-house, while others will only attach the crown. This makes it important to find out whether you will need to work with multiple providers or if you will see the same dentist from start to finish.

Can you restore my existing dental implant if the crown is damaged?

If you already have dental implants but have damaged the crown (tooth portion) of one of them, you may qualify for a dental restoration that leaves the implanted portion alone. This is the most convenient and affordable way to address the problem. Therefore, find out if a dentist offers restorative solutions before starting the procedure.

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