Pediatric dentistry is the specialized dental care of children, and utilizes both dental training and child psychology in order to provide compassionate care to children while minimizing fear and anxiety. Portola Dental Group specializes in pediatric dentistry. Many children will experience fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist for checkups and cleanings, and Portola Dental Group understands how to put your child at ease and make their experience at the dentist pain-free and pleasant. Additionally, our dentists and hygienists work with both you and your child to provide information on how to properly brush and floss on a regular basis, to help your child avoid cavities and oral health issues. When your child is ready to visit the dentist, call Portola Dental Group first.

The emergence of primary teeth (deciduous or baby teeth) generally happens early in a child’s life, as the teeth themselves have formed inside the gums during the fourth month of pregnancy. A good prenatal diet is necessary to ensure your baby will have strong teeth and bones.

Generally speaking, the first baby teeth will begin to emerge between six months and one year. By the age of three years old most children have a “full” set of twenty primary teeth. The general rule is to make an appointment with a pediatric dentist roughly six months after the emergence of the first tooth, at which time the dentist will advise you of a plan to keep your baby’s teeth healthy and avoid cavities which can form due to sugar in milk and in the general diet.

Although primary teeth are deciduous, they facilitate speech production, proper jaw development, good chewing habits – and the proper spacing and alignment of adult teeth. It is necessary to make sure that your child’s baby teeth are healthy in order to avoid later problems with oral health and adult teeth. Portola Dental Group is specialized in pediatric dentistry and can advise you on a dental plan that will give your baby a healthy smile and help them to be “pain free.”