Prosthodontic crowns were traditionally comprised of porcelain fused to metal. This cosmetic option was strong and used for many years, however the appearance of the metal gave a look that was unsatisfactory. The introduction of Procera Crowns made a more natural look possible through the use on fully porcelain materials.

Dental crowns are an effective replacement strategy for teeth that are badly worn or damaged. It is typically the case that dentists will suggest restoration of natural teeth over full replacement.

Why use Procera Crowns?

Teeth have very little ability to heal themselves like the rest of the body, which generally means that if a tooth is worn or damaged there is a need for replacement materials to be adhered to the surfaces in order to prevent additional damage or wear.

Procera Crowns are superior to porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) for the following reasons:

  • Color match – Procera crowns are the same color as your existing teeth, and are invisible except to the trained eye.
  • No metal – While a traditional crown looks natural from the top, the metal that shows gives an un-natural look. Procera Crowns are porcelain, and do not show ugly metal bases.
  • Bio compatibility – Procera Crowns encourage gum regrowth around them, meaning that your gums will grow fully up to the base point of the tooth.
  • Custom fitting – A perfect fit ensures better usage.

What is involved with Procera Crowns?

There are generally three appointments involved in getting Procera Crowns. On the first appointment, the dentist will fully examine and x-ray your teeth and gums, looking for underlying issues. Any necessary treatments to correct issues will happen at this point. At the second appointment, a local anesthetic is administered and the tooth is shaped in order to get a good for for the crown. Impressions are made and then sent to a dental lab for construction. A temporary crown is placed in place. Upon the final visit, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent Procera Crown is cemented into place. With proper care Procera Crowns can last a lifetime.