Sealants are an effective preventive step that a professional dentist or hygienist can apply at the time of cleaning and exam. The sealant is a thin coating of plastic that is applied to all of the chewing surfaces in the mouth, thus sealing the molars, pre-molars and fissures in teeth. The resulting surface is smoother, thus allowing less bacteria and plaque to lodge in between teeth and in pits. A sealant can last for several years depending if the person cares for it and does not grind their teeth.

Sealants help with:

  • Children and teenagers – As soon as the six-year molars which are the first permanent back teeth re fully visible, your dentist will suggest a sealant in order to help with decay during the cavity-prone years of 6-16.
  • Adults – Helps to seal tooth depressions and cracks and pits that have formed in teeth in order to prevent bacteria buildup in the areas.
  • Baby teeth – May be suggested if the child is shown to be cavity prone.

What do sealants involve?

Sealant application by your dentist will generally involve a simple and painless process that takes only a few minutes. The surface of each tooth is prepared with a solution which fully cleans and prepares it for sealant. The sealant itself is then painted onto each tooth and either cures on it’s own or is cured using a blue light. Sealants will last years with regular daily blushing and care.