Wisdom Teeth Coming In? What You Need to Know

Wisdom teeth are one of the strangest phenomena of the mouth, simply because it is hard to tell when and how they are going to erupt. People have different tales about wisdom teeth, and there is no basic one-rule-fits-all when it comes to wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are no longer present in some people. If your wisdom teeth are due for an eruption, knowing what to expect can help you avoid pain, issues and complex dental procedures.

Signs that your wisdom teeth are coming in

  • Severe pain radiating near the eyes, ears or into the head may indicate an abscessed tooth. Impacted wisdom teeth are susceptible to infections, but the abscess may be due to tooth decay.
  • Jaw pain or pain radiating from the back of the mouth could mean the eruption of wisdom teeth, but could also indicate TMJ disorder.
  • Inflamed gums or visible cuts on the gums.
  • Recurrent earache and headache often happen when the wisdom teeth are trying to emerge and there is not sufficient space in the mouth. This could increase pressure on the surrounding teeth and cause remarkable pain.

Important facts to know about wisdom teeth eruption

Not all wisdom teeth need removal

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars at the far end of the mouth. Some wisdom teeth emerge with zero issues, some get impacted, some erupt in the proper position and some just cause havoc. This simply means wisdom teeth are different.

The experience among siblings can be different because while one sibling may need to have all the wisdom teeth removed, another may suffer no issues with the wisdom teeth at all. Instead of making assumptions from your family members, it is better to consult your dentist to know if wisdom teeth extraction would be the best option for you.

Wisdom teeth do not always erupt at the same time

The four wisdom teeth may emerge at the same time or at different times. Three of the teeth may appear without issues while the last one may get impacted. Two may erupt now, and the next one may not emerge for another year or two. The best way to keep track of their progress is to go for regular dental checkups.

Impacted wisdom teeth usually get infected

Although impacted wisdom teeth is a common situation and may not cause discomfort, the chances of infection are higher. Impaction means the tooth is stuck in the bone or gum tissues during the eruption. Partial eruption means the tooth is exposed to the bacteria in the mouth. The erupting tooth can create pockets that may be difficult to clean, thus encouraging the buildup of bacteria and causing infection. Wisdom teeth infection is usually indicated by inflammation, pain, bad breath and swelling. Reach out to your dentist if you witness any of these symptoms.

Wisdom teeth can create issues for other teeth

If the mouth does not have enough space for the emerging teeth, any tooth that erupts will disrupt the arrangement of the existing teeth in the oral cavity. If your oral cavity is not fully developed to take on the new teeth, the best option is to remove them, even if they are not causing pain.

In conclusion

Although everyone has a different experience with wisdom teeth, the eruption does not always have to be traumatic. Ensure you consult your dentist if you have questions or concerns.

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